A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

What is our game

A game where you try to catch the school supplies before they hit the ground.

Who made the game

Our game was made by 4th through 8th grade students from different Martha's Vineyard Middle Schools. The team did the project after school during times when they should have been at home playing outside. We thank everyone for there input and hope you like the game.

Thanks To

Leap Motion, Inc.

for Leap Motion Controllers and fabulous support!

Unity Inc.

for educational licenses, Simple Particle Pack, and support.

Teachers, Parents, & High School Mentors

David Crawford

Derek Fairchild-Coppoletti

Jack Rizza (MV Public Charter School)

Christopher Aring (MV Regional High School)

Harrison Dorr (MV Regional High School)

Curtis Fisher (MV Regional High School)


Assets Team

Delilah Hammarlund (6th)

Latham Higgins (6th)

BJ Mullen (6th)

Wilson Riley (8th)

Elias Saunier (6th)

Coding Team

Sebastian Alexander (5th)

Daniel Bonneau (8th)

Oliver Dorr (6th)

Theo Fairchild-Coppoletti (6th)

Abigail Hammarlund (8th)

Controls Team

Samuel Stone Benjamin (6th)

Jack Crawford (5th)

Hardy Eville (6th)

Tate Fairchild-Coppoletti (4th)


Alan Mahoney for lending us the computer lab.

Principal Donna Lowell-Bettencourt,

Assistant Principal Mary Boyd, &

The Faculty & Staff of the West Tisbury School



Fire Alarm.wav by payattention

Childrens' Classroom by abcopen

Pencil Eraser.wav by esperri

Book_Heavy_Noise.wav by donjmyers

Hitting baseball w. wooden bat.wav by CGEffex

www.jamendo.com: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

Artist: Den makes music; Song: Copier, coller, danser; Album: Chimère

Baseball Asset = http://u3d.as/cwA

Classroom Props Assets = http://u3d.as/9qm & http://u3d.as/3Ps

Copyright 2015 West Tisbury School


West Tisbury, MA

Martha's Vineyard Public Schools


All Rights Reserved

Install instructions

For Mac

  1. Download "School House Chop.app"
  2. double click to run the game

For PC

  1. Download "School House Chop.zip"
  2. open .zip file
  3. make sure that the assets and the .dll files are in the same folder
  4. double click to run the game


school house chop.app.zip 21 MB
school house chop.zip 42 MB

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